Webster Business Transactions Lawyer

When beginning a business, it is important to start it right, right from the start. Everything from the initial filings with the Secretary of State, to the contracts defining officers’ roles and division of profits and assets, create the structure which will allow your company to grow.


 Business Partnerships Agreements Attorney

To ensure that your business thrives, a solid business attorney is essential. Without comprehensive guidance, a minor problem could become major, requiring time-consuming and expensive litigation.

At the Hammock Law Firm, located in Houston, Texas, and serving Harris and Galveston county, we are seasoned business attorneys with the expertise and experience, ensuring you that the documents created support your business, cover every eventuality, thereby all but eliminating any future difficulties.

As business litigators, we are keenly aware that poorly written documents can create confusion, even dissension, that too often ends up being resolved in a courtroom. With every draft we create for you, we endeavor to construct it so that it is clear and readable, making it easily understood by all individuals to whom it applies.


Corporate Formation Lawyer

The Hammock Law Firm is available for all your business needs, including:


  • Business entity formation, including incorporation, L.L.C. and P.L.L.C.
  • Document creation and review
  • Contract needs, including employee and independent contractor contracts


We offer principled, honest and straightforward representation. Please contact us for your initial consultation.

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