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As you move forward in your new life, you want to know that you have the resources to provide for you and your family. Knowing that your future is secure is paramount. In order to guarantee a just and right settlement, a seasoned and savvy family law attorney is essential.

 Divorce And Investments Lawyer

One of the most frightening aspects of a divorce, and sometimes one of the most contentious, is property division. In Texas, assets acquired during the marriage are not necessarily divided equally — in fact, more often than not one spouse receives a larger portion of the marital estate.

When dividing the estate, the court focuses on the ability of each spouse to be self-supporting. Often one spouse makes more than the other, or has the ability to out-earn the other spouse, therefore, the court will divide the property to allow the lesser-earning spouse a financial foothold.

Asset Allocation Attorney

At the Hammock Law Firm, located in Houston, Texas, we have almost 20 years of experience dividing marital estates. As your legal representative, we advocate for a fair and equitable settlement so that you have a sound fiscal future.

  • Whether there is property that belongs solely to one spouse
  • Whether one spouse has stayed home to raise children
  • The education level of each spouse
  • Current and previous work history
  • Marital misconduct resulting in the end of the marriage

A seasoned trial lawyer, R. Talmadge Hammock has worked in Harris and Galveston county. His reputation as an honest and straightforward attorney has garnered him respect throughout the legal community. While compromise and settlement is always preferred, in the event that litigation is inevitable, Mr. Hammock excels in the courtroom.

As you move toward a new paradigm in your life, allow us to help you make the transition as smooth as possible. Please contact us for an initial consultation.

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