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Naming the person who will administer the state upon your death is one of the most significant decisions you make when drafting your will. Knowing that you must have someone trustworthy, people often choose a close friend, relative or child. Estate administration, however, can be stressful, time-consuming and, if not done correctly, very costly. Legal support for your personal representative is a wise decision.


Probate Litigation Attorney

At the Hammock Law Firm, located in Houston, Texas, we work with personal representatives to assure that the terms of your will or trust are carried out expeditiously and economically. Knowing you’ve worked hard to build a legacy for your family, we endeavor to quickly identify and locate assets, resolve creditor issues, and close the estate, allowing your heirs to receive prompt distributions.


In Texas, there are two types of probate administration:


  • Dependent — this form of probate requires a judge’s approval for any and all decisions related to the estate. This is usually used when there are minor children involved.
  • Independent — the representative pays a bond as a form of insurance for the estate. The representative is then allowed to administer the estate without first seeking court approval.

Regardless of which administration you are using, the Hammock Law Firm can expedite the process — because of our years of legal experience, we are familiar with the necessary procedures, and we quickly and proficiently implement them.


Will Contests Lawyer — A Word About Contested Wills

Unfortunately, there are times when family members or other heirs to the estate dispute the validity of a will and bring a will contest. When this happens, it is imperative for the welfare of all involved to have an experienced, adroit attorney who can vigorously represent your best interest.

A seasoned and savvy trial lawyer, R. Talmadge Hammock is well-respected in the Harris and Galveston County. Known as a straightforward, honest attorney, he has earned the respect of colleagues and judges alike.

Mr. Hammock works well with opposing counsel to attempt an amicable resolution. When, however, compromise and settlement is unreachable, Mr. Hammock excels in the courtroom.


If you are seeking legal representation for an estate or probate matter, please contact us. We welcome your calls and inquiries.

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